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Welcome to my online book club blog. If you are reading this likely you are in the same boat that I am. You see, I love reading and I love to share idea’s and hear other people’s perspectives but attending a book club on a specific night once a month can be challenging. Many things get in the way, work, children, busy schedules. So, I have started up this blog in order to bring those of us with the same time constraints together to share our reading experiences.

But I can’t do it without your help. Remember this is a “sharing” experience. Your input is absolutely invaluable. In order to choose the books, I will accept recommendations and set up a poll that we can vote on. Thereby¬† leaving what we are reading up to you. Fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, historical, self-help all topics are welcome.

Let’s open the books and get started!


2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Pat Scott says:

    reading is one of my favorite hobbies.. I like biographies, fiction(mystery and legal) and some non fiction.. I have just finished reading Patrick Swayze’s bio written by him and his wife before he died.. good book if you like biographies.. I am currently reading “Honeymoom” by James Patterson and my next read will be Eat, Pray. Love.

    favorite authors are James Patterson, Lisa Jackson. Stephanie Meyer , John Grisham and Tami Hoag.. I am always open to other authors if the story is right.. Happy Reading everyone.. Hope we get a few avid readers online. Ciao

  2. I loved Patrick Swayze. Haven’t read his bio yet but I do fully intend on it. Let’s start with Eat, Love, Pray. I’ve been wanting to read that book also. Let me know when you are done with you current book and we will get started (seeing as it’s only you and I right now).

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